Creating Groups Within your Company

  • The most powerful part of StreamTECH is the permission and filtering system that we have. This allows you to control exactly who can see or do something. A group falls into one of the three categories:

    Locations refer to the geographical locations within your company.

    Departments are the internal groups within your company that employees can be part of

    Roles are a way of choosing a hierarchy within your company. From Managers, supervisors, etc. this gives the power to filter by role within your company.

    Job Title
    These are NOT used for filtering or permissions, it just gives you the ability to assign a title to each user. This is more used for HR purposes.

    In order to change your company's groups you will go to:
    1. Company Name in the top bar
    2. Settings
    3. Groups
    Here you will be able to add or delete groups.

    When deciding on how to use these 3 types of groups it is important to imagine how you will apply them when filtering content or creating permissions. You don't want to make it too complicated, however, the more types of groups the easier it may be in the future to filter to a smaller number of users. A good example of this is based on our sample company Canadian Widgets that we use to help show you how to create groups.

    At Canadian Widgets we have the following groups:

    • Locations: Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, & Regina
    • Departments: Office, Sales, Manufacturing, & Service
    • Roles: Manager, Supervisor, Associate

    Now when it comes to assign groups to either Users or Assets we have a good amount of flexiblity while also not being too complicated. Remember you can assign multiple locations, departments, or roles to each user to make sure that you are not locking them into only 1 group.

    Here is a link to our video walkthrough of this same process: Adding Groups

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